21st Annual Val A. Browning Round Robin & 
5th Annual Mukai Invitational 

                                18th Annual Val A. Browning Round Robin &

                                 2nd Annual Mukai Invitational at Weber State


All preliminary rounds of competition for the 5th annual Mukai Invitational will be hosted in Weber State’s finest buildings – Elizabeth Hall and Shepherd Union.  These buildings are modern, high tech and visually appealing.  They are also exactly 250 feet apart.  Also, check out these photos of the classrooms you’ll be debating in – nicely climate controlled, plenty of outlets, tables for both teams and all critics and with a view you will never forget.

The Shepherd Union is the newly renovated union building located a few hundred feet from Elizabeth Hall.   It features multiple lounges, including the fireplace lounge, a meditation room, a bowling alley and a billiards area.  The Shepherd Student Union will house the tab room and all centralized tournament functions.

The Director of Networking at Weber State has agreed to put together an SSID for our exclusive and private use during the Mukai.  It  will be accessible to our guests only.  Also, it will be unregulated access to make sure that there are no impairments on your prep for your debates. Thank you very much to our friends in Networking for making this possible.