21st Annual Val A. Browning Round Robin & 
5th Annual Mukai Invitational 

                                18th Annual Val A. Browning Round Robin &

                                 2nd Annual Mukai Invitational at Weber State


The Mukai College Classic honors the memory of beloved Assistant Professor and Director of Forensics,  Captain (Ret., U.S. Army) Robert Mukai, Esq., and the two members of Weber State College Debate team (Mary Clarke & Clifford Hughes), who were killed in a tragic car accident while returning from a debate tournament in California.  Professor Mukai was born and raised in Ogden, he represented the University of Utah at the 1951 and 1952 National Debate Tournament.  He was also a scholar of forensic pedagogy in secondary education.  Posthumously, Professor Mukai was named one of the "Top 50" most influential role models for young Utah lawyers by the Utah Bar Association.  As the Weber State yearbook, the Acorn, stated: "Robert Mukai, in all his personal relations, brought to Weber debaters the friendly exchange of ideas and a sense of unity not before felt on campus."  

Every year, Weber State names an Assistant Director of Forensics whose work reflects the values Director Mukai placed at the center of his organization.  To be eligible, recipients must be an Assistant Director or Head Argument Coach and must have made a significant contribution to the development of intercollegiate debate in the West.


1st place, Varsity:  University of Rutgers-Newark (Carrera & Wyche)

1st place, Junior:  University of Nevada-Las Vegas, close out (Bradley & Quintana; LeClaire-Vazquez & Jones)

1st place, Novice:   University of Nevada Las Vegas (Frazee & Thymianos)

Coach of the Year:  Willie Johnson, Rutgers University-Newark

Desaray Brown Odekirk award:  Baylor University (Barron & Zoda)


1st place, Varsity:  University of Oklahoma (Plange & Sebuyna)

1st place, Junior:   Cal State Long Beach (Dadah & Pavlath)

1st place, Novice:  University of Oklahoma (Moran & Cox)

Coach of the Year:  Deven E. Cooper, California State University - Long Beach

Desaray Brown Odekirk Award:  Weber State University (Gaither & Tippets)


1st place, Varsity:  University of Iowa (Kimbrough & Liriano)

1st place, Junior:  Johnson Country Community College (Moore & Singleton)

1st place, Novice:  University of Louisville (Brown & Gordon)

Coach of the Year: Gabriel Murillo, University of Iowa


1st place, Varsity:  Towson University closes out finals (Thomas & Whitely; Begum & Johnson)

1st place, Junior:   Johnson County Community College (Domme & Moncure)

1st place, Novice:  Johnson County Community College (Babrakzai & Moore)
Coach of the Year:  Izak Dunn, Arizona State University


1st place, Varsity:  Idaho State University (Doty & Ivanovic)

1st place, Novice:  Kansas City Kansas Community College (Torres & Smith)