21st Annual Val A. Browning Round Robin & 
5th Annual Mukai Invitational 

                                18th Annual Val A. Browning Round Robin &

                                 2nd Annual Mukai Invitational at Weber State


                       "The Val Browning Round Robin - The Oldest Collegiate Policy Debate Round Robin in the Western United States"

Val A. Browning Round Robin: 1995-2018

With the generous support of the Browning Foundation, Weber State Debate hosts the Val Browning Round Robin.  Many of the finest debaters and coaches have traveled to Ogden to make their mark.  We look forward to one day hosting you and your university as well.

2017-2018:  Baylor University

Debaters:  Andrew Barron & Greg Zoda  

Coaches:  Matt Gerber, Scott Varda 

Val Coach of the Year:  Dr. Matt Gerber, Baylor University

2016-2017:   Weber State University

Debaters: Kinsee Gaither & Misty Tippets

Coaches:  Omar G.  Guevara II,  Ryan K. Cheek,  Veronica M. Guevara, Jamie Cheek, Liz Dela Cruz

Val Coach of the Year:  Brian Manuel,  Stanford University

2015-2016:   University of Iowa

Debaters: Geo Liriano  & Brooke Kimbrough

Coaches:  Dr. David Hingstman,  Paul Bellus, Gabe Murillo,  Kyle Vint

Val Coach of the Year:  LaToya Green,  California State University-Fullerton 

2014-2015:   Wake Forest University

Debaters:  Joe LeDuc & Corinne Sugino

Coaches:  Dr. Jarrod Atchison, Justin Green, Ryan Wash

Coach of the Year:  Dr. Travis Cram,  University of Wyoming 

2013-2014:   University of North Texas

Debaters:  Max Anderson & Brian Kersch

Coaches:   Dr. Brian Lain, Dr. Louie Petit, Andy Casey, Martin Osborn, Collin Roark 

Coach of the Year:  Dr. Kevin Kuswa,  Whitman College 

2012-2013:   University of Wyoming

Debaters:  Mary Marcum & Amy Pauli

Coaches:  Travis Cram, Mike Bausch, Sam Allen

Coach of the Year:  Dr. Adam Symonds, Arizona State University 

2010-2011:   University of Wyoming

Debaters: Mike Bausch & Kacey Ballard

Coaches:  Travis Cram, Ryan Cheek

Coach of the Year:  Scott Odekirk, Idaho State University

2009-2010:   University of Wyoming

Debaters: Jamie Piechura Cheek & Sam Allen

Coaches:  Matt Stannard, Chris Crowe, Ryan Cheek 

Coach of the Year:  Brian Schrader, Denver University

2008-2009:   Idaho State University

Debaters: Paul Montreuil & Danielle Jennings

Coaches: Sarah Partlow-Lefevre, Scott Odekirk 

Coach of the Year: Dr. Sarah Partlow-Lefevre, Idaho State University

2007-2008:   University of Wyoming

Debaters: Will Jensen & Travis Cram

Coaches: Matt Stannard, Seth Ellsworth, Chris Crowe

Coach of the Year:  Matt Stannard, University of Wyoming

2005-2006:   University of Wyoming

Debaters: Chris Crowe & Brian Delong

Coaches:  Matt Stannard, Eric Forslund

Coach of the Year:  Joseph Carver, Whitman College

2004-2005:   Regis University (Denver, Colorado)

Debaters: John Rief & Brian Schrader

Coach: John Foy

Coach of the Year:  Shawn Whalen, San Francisco State

2003-2004:   Weber State University

Debaters: Kellen McAffee & Scott Odekirk

Coaches: Eric Mueller, Jan Hovden

2002-2003:   California State University - Bakersfield

Debaters: Jason Giffard & David Wells

Coaches: Omar G. Guevara II, Paul Loupe

2001-2002:   Weber State University

Debaters: Zack Westerfield & Mike Zahler

Coaches: Michael “Bear” Bryant, Eric Mueller

2000-2001:  Arizona State University (closes out finals)

Debaters: Justin Skarb, Serena Turley, Takis Makridis

Coaches: Jason Jarvis & Kristin Dybvig

Coach of the Year: Glen Frappier, Gonzaga University 

1999-2000:   Arizona State University

Debaters: Julie Sweet & Travis Kirchner

Coach: Steve Herro

1998-1999:   Southern Illinois University

Debaters:  Joey Vuglia & Matt Moore

Coaches: Dr. Greg Simerly, Glen Frappier

1997-1998:   Gonzaga University

Debaters:  Will Brewer & Ian McLoughlin

Coach: Jamey Dumas

1996-1997:   Southern Illinois University

Debaters: Glen Frappier & Bill Shinn

Coach: Greg Simerly, Yuri Kostun

1995-1996:   University of Alaska

Debaters: Korry Harvey & Gabe Scott

Coach: Trond Jacobsen